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Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor

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Beach Umbrella  Sand Anchor is the Best Beach Umbrella holder that anchors your umbrella from the top, above the ribs, and uses beach sand as ballast.

Made of military-grade 600D material, the Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor will last through years of proper use – do not pick up the Beach Umbrella bag by the straps when it is full of sand! Simply tip it over to empty the bag at the end of your day at the beach.


Effective in 30MPH+ winds, the Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor will prevent your umbrella from blowing across the beach even if you tip it over.

Material: Heavy Duty 600D military-grade polyester Beach Umbrella anchor
Size: 16 in. L x 11 in. W x 16 in. H (when fully assembled)
Color: Red, Blue 
Capacity: 50 lbs of sand.

Shade Anchor Bag

To clean your BCB - beach umbrella Shade Anchor Bag, just hose it off and let it air dry.

Why is the Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor Better than a Sand Screw or Sand Auger Device?

The BCB - beach umbrella Shade Anchor works on all kinds of beach sand: rocky/pebbly, hard and compact, soft and powdery, granular

Keeps Beach Umbrella stable from the TOP, with no chance of it wiggling out

Anchors your umbrella even if you tip it over - the ballast will keep the Beach Umbrella from flying across the beach

Less "equipment" to carry - the Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor doubles as a shoulder strap beach tote to transport your towel, water bottles, and other beach gear

BCB - Beach Umbrella Shade Anchor is universal - works with any size standard beach umbrella

BCB - Beach Umbrella Shade Anchor won't rust - tough 600D military weight material will last for years

BCB -Beach Umbrella Shade Anchor is simple enough for a child to install - no back-breaking work to screw it into compact sand

BCB - Beach Umbrella Shade Anchor won't poke holes in your beach bag (or your kids!) - no sharp points

BCB - Beach Umbrella Shade Anchor can be used for other anchoring applications, like securing your inflatable toys such as rafts and tubes. It can also be used to secure portable canopies and other types of shelters

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