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Back Chair Bag is based in Winter Park Florida. We manufacturer a very unique Hybrid Tote beach bag like no other! And we are looking for retailers.

What makes Back Chair Bag Different from the other types of shoulder carrying tote bags? ANSWER IS: Not only is BACK CHAIR BAG a shoulder carrying bag like most. The main feature of Back Chair Bag is the capability to hang your tote beach bag on the back of your Chair! With our patented design sleeve.
beach bag by back chair bag on the beach chairs
Back Chair Bag slips over the back of most Outdoor Chairs / Adirondack chairs / Beach Chairs / Pool Chairs / Cruise Ship Lounge Chairs & Camping Chairs.

"We keep your beach & pool essentials dry and sand free & OFF The GROUND!"    

 Back Chair Bags are great for Personalization and Monogramming
Back Chair Bag monogramming

Video on how our Back Chair Bag Tote Bag works:

The fun and excitement of spending a day at the beach or even a few hours are so worth the time to relax and enjoy the scenery!

The flip side is the challenges for hauling all your accessories you need for the day! Then you plop your bag with all your towels, sunscreen, water bottles, and belongings down on the sand! Then the next thing you know you open your bag to grab something and here comes the wind and the sand and possibly water right into your bag! Ugh ....not a good way to start your beach time! However we have the most incredible solution!
how our beach bag works

Back Chair Bag was designed out of major necessity! We did not want to throw our bag down on the sand while we setup our chairs our umbrella for the day! We thought 1st we set up our chairs and put our bag on the back.. What a concept!

We started as a small Florida company and have been in the Sun and Beach trade for a number of years now.

We have had a great deal of interest in our product line and are currently working on placement with some National retailers like yours.

Our factories have over 80 years of experience in design, sourcing, manufacturing, and logistics with offices in the US, Central America and Asia.  This has allowed us to scale accordingly and provide high quality products along with consistent on-time deliveries. 

Our patterns are Florida themed but since we manufacture ourselves, we have the ability to develop and produce any new patterns.  It is important to also note that we have our own QC teams in Asia and Central America and can provide all manufacturing certificates to assure factory integrity.

Our Available patterns are:

  • Nautical or Flamingo Retail MSRP: $49.95 Map selling price is $34.95
    beach bag flamingo and nautical

Wholesale Pricing:
Regular Wholesale is $24.00.
We offer you a discount starting at $17.00 as low as $16.00

Wholesale discount pricing structure:

  1. (A):1-14 units $17 each
  2. (B):15-60 units $16.75 each 
  3. (C): 75 & more $16.00 each 

If your interested in a sample we sell our samples at the regular wholesale price $24.00 which will included shipping in the USA only.
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Back Chair Bag business Card

Beth & Deron
Beth and Deron