Differences between our bag and other types of shoulder carrying tote beach bags is Back Chair Bag is a Hybrid Bag not only a shoulder carrying bag our main design feature gives you the capability to hang your Beach Bag on the back of most Outdoor Chairs! What a concept!

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Swanky Soleil Hybrid Beach Bag

Back Chair Bag is a large and roomy beach bag with zipper and pockets with our main feature our Innovative patented Back Chair Bag design with a easy ON & OFF sleeve design that fits on the back of most outdoor chairs. Our bag is premium brand universal tote bag is not just for the Beach but for camping, pool, travel, 
Outdoor Concerts & more!

Make your bag more YOU, with a monogram or font. If you're not familiar with Monogram, it's a great way of putting your own stamp on your
Back Chair Bag! As well, monogram makes any gift more personal.

Beach Chair Sand Anchor Bag stabilizes most Beach Chairs when in a reclined position.